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Thorndal is a small German company managed by Gregor Olbrich – a man for whom the guitar construction holds no secrets.
Thorndal makes their guitars as either one-offs (usually a special order) or in short series.
As a result they can give each guitar a ‘soul’ - the undefined something that distinguishes an instrument from a piece of furniture.
In the era of instruments coming off a production line similarly to cars and often distinguished only by their colour, in the age of dominance of big musical concerns buying out workshops of passionate luthiers, Thorndal guitars are a breath of fresh air on the global guitar market.
They present a new perspective on the formed over many years and a bit stale musical market.
Innovativeness of the Thorndal guitars is demonstrated by their construction where nothing is left to chance but results from many years of experience, by their material choices that break with the conventional customs and schemes (Swamp Ash, Alder and Maple get replaced by Alpine Angel Pine, Curly Poplar or Limba Korina and exotic-endangered trees like Rosewood or Mahogany get replaced by a native Walnut) as well as by their finish (the timeless Nitro finish gets replaced by eco-friendly oil Satin Silk).
For the Thorndal guitars the innovativeness is their strength and not their shortcoming.
They demonstrate a wise use of carefully accrued luthiers’ knowledge.
A Thorndal guitar is not about bells and whistles but about a well-balanced combination of wood, electronics and human creative passion.


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